Board of Directors

Kenan Dunson, Chair

Kelly Miller, Treasurer

Jill Schwartz, Secretary

On Twitter, Jill Schwartz describes herself as "Using words and visuals to protect the environment. Using bikes, kayaks, kitchen utensils and gardening tools to make myself smile." The less than 140-character description sums up her 18-year career helping several environmental nonprofit organizations tell stories and run campaigns that inspire action, as well as her nearly lifelong need for fresh air, being active, getting dirt under her fingernails and eating well. Jill works at World Wildlife Fund, where she oversees all external communication related to the organization's programmatic work. Despite the thrill of working on projects in countries thousands of miles away, her passion is working in her own community -- including Common Good City Farm, just a few blocks from her house.

Susan Farmer

Norman Anthony Greene

Rebecca Goodstein

Alicia Hunt

Helping support a positive and sustainable community is Alicia's goal in her work with Common Good City Farm. Alicia has called the District home since she moved to the area to attend Georgetown for college. She lives near the farm in the Bloomingdale neighborhood along with her husband, two little girls, and labrador retriever. Alicia grew up in Colorado and is an avid hiker, cyclist, and skier. In her free time, she is often found outdoors exploring state or national parks. Local favorites are the National Arboretum and Rock Creek. Alicia is a trial attorney for the government.

Matthew Costello