Volunteer Days

We have 2 community volunteer days planned for the 2019 season. These are open to individuals or families who would like to experience volunteering on the farm for a day. If you’d like to volunteer more often and are able to make an ongoing commitment, check out our City Farmers program.

SATURDAY, JUNE 22, 9:30 AM - 1 PM

RSVP: https://cgcfjunevolunteerday.eventbrite.com


Farm work varies almost as much as the weather and as a volunteer, you may be asked to do anything from planting seeds and weeding to painting or building. Our staff will show you the ropes and answer questions along the way.

Volunteer Groups

We host a limited number of volunteer groups on the farm during the growing season. Due to the high demand for our limited spots, we typically focus on working with groups representing community-based organizations and businesses that are interesting in forming a partnership with Common Good City Farm.

Participants engage in farm tasks (planting, harvesting, weeding, composting etc.) and learn about sustainable agriculture and our food system through discussions. This is a great team-building and bonding experience for groups and a meaningful way to contribute towards urban agriculture and healthy food access in our neighborhood.

We host groups of up to 15 people and we ask groups to make a donation along with their time to help sustain our programs. We ask larger companies to make a tax-deductible contribution of $500 or more to help support our work and community and we ask community groups for $10 per person.

Throughout the season (March - November), we host volunteer groups for 2-3 hour sessions as our schedule allows. If you are interested in scheduling a group please fill out our interest form below.

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