Seed to Table Workshops

Throughout the year, we offer Seed to Table Workshops about various aspects of gardening, nutrition, and cooking. Most workshops are held on the farm and all are open to the public.


Hive Mind: Beekeeping in Your Backyard

Saturday, May 11 , 1 - 3 pm

Join us for a crash course in bees and beekeeping, including a hands-on inspection of a hive! Meet your local beekeepers and learn about bee biology, the role of the beekeeper, products of the hive, native bee-friendly plants, and more. Get your fingers sticky as the beekeepers walk you through a hive inspection , and come away with information on how you can be a good bee neighbor, and some delicious recipes for honey-based treats. Please wear long pants and close-toed shoes.



A Taste of History Cooking Class with Kutlery 

Thursday, June 20, 6 - 8 pm


Chocolate Making

Cacao Bite Making: From Bean to Bar with Herbal Infusion

Friday, June 7, 6 - 8 pm

Learn how to make and take home chocolate using single origin direct trade cacao beans at Common Good City Farm.