Poetry by Endre Osborne, Age 17

Sweat in my glasses Water in my black bottle Committed to work Arriving on time Serving my community Feeding my people Over 5,000 A goal so illustrious Seedlings of Summer The kitchen garden ½ acre of veggies The community garden "Lemons"When life gives you lemons Make Lemonade But are you really that thirsty? Do you need all these lemons? When life gives you lemons Make more lemons Multiply then divide them amongst the people That's hard work That's service And its lemonade is far more refreshing "Ninja" Some people serve to boost their ego Others for personal gain But others still do their work Do it well And do it anonymously Not for gain Not for morale But for the sake of seeing others well served Poems were written by Endre Osborne, age 17, during writing workshops throughout the summer. Click HERE to read more from the Summer Youth Program participants and staff.