Faces of the Farm

Meet Brian! Brian is one of Common Good's farm volunteers. He first started volunteering at the farm right after it was established in LeDroit Park in 2009! In the picture, Brian is harvesting microgreens for our Small Enterprise program. Brian loves all kinds of farm work, from harvesting, to bed-building, to weeding. In fact, he likes farming so much that he's about to start a year-long farm apprenticeship at the Farm School in Massachusetts! Good luck, Brian! One of the most compelling elements of Common Good is the sense of community that is being fostered on the farm. At any given time one can see faces, young and old, from different backgrounds, gathered on the farm to lend a hand, attend a workshop, and engage in a lively conversation. We want to share some of these faces with you. Each week we will take a moment to learn a little bit more about our community members. We hope you will visit us and become one of our Faces of the Farm.