Common Good City Farm's Little Free Library!

We are excited to announce the installation of our very own Little Free Library at the farm! What is a Little Free Library? A little free library is a library right in your neighborhood! The library is full of books that you can borrow--for free! Our Little Free Library is a special addition to the neighborhood where people can read, share, and borrow their favorite books. Our Little Free Library The Little Free Library was built for us by the National Building Museum's Design Apprenticeship Program and was installed Saturday, May 17th!How to Use the Library The Little Free Library is easy to use! You can borrow any book from the library, read it, and return it when you are finished. If you really love a book from the library, you can keep it and return another book in its place. The Little Free Library is open to all books, but we would love to keep ours stocked with gardening, cooking, and nutrition books for people of all ages. The Little Free Library is a community resource, so please use it respectfully! We would like to thank the Spring 2014 National Building Museum's Design Apprentices for building and installing our Little Free Library! Click here for a blog post by Community Forklift about the Little Free Libraries. Also check out the Little Free Libraries at these other garden locations around DC: Wangari GardensOld City Farm and GuildCity Blossoms Marion Street GardenBruce Monroe Community Garden