We're Growing Vertical!

This season we have installed a vertical planting system called The Vertical Edible Green Towers (VEG Towers) to demonstrate a new technique for growing in an urban setting, where, for many, space is the limiting factor. The VEG Towers are a unique method of farming that is on the cutting edge of the urban sustainability movement. The stacking pots are designed from high-density Styrofoam pots that can be used for more than 7 growing seasons with proper care. What once would have been thrown away as a 'non-recyclable' will now be used to grow strawberries, peppers, kale, basil, and lettuce in an ultra-dense, resource-efficient growing method. We also use coconut coir as our primary growing media- coconut coir is a pH neutral, sustainable alternative to peat moss, as it is produced from triple-washed, composted coconut husks, effectively eliminating any potential soil-borne pests or diseases. Coir drains evenly, retaining little excess moisture and preventing over-watering of plants, which is crucial for our vertical growing methods. This methodology lets us reduce water use, maximize use of organic fertilizer and capitalize on available vertical growing space. These vertical towers also reduce physical strain on gardeners as the majority of plants are at eye level, and you do not have to bend over to harvest. These particular pots were decorated by kindergarten and pre-k volunteers, while the plants were installed and planted by our Spring Youth Interns. We will be monitoring the progress of our vertical towers closely, so stay tuned! **These VEG Towers were brought to us by Millennial Farmers based here in Washington, DC.