Faces of the Farm ~ Meet Charlie!

Meet Charlie! If you visit Common Good City Farm, you may find Charlie working and getting his hands dirty! Charlie has been a member of our CSA program for 2 years, but also enjoys offering a helping hand whenever he can. Something about Common Good City Farm really stands out to Charlie, who moved to DC in 2008, and has also volunteered at DC Central Kitchen and the Food Recovery Network. “The people, the workers, the volunteers, the manager… everyone at the farm is amazing. You really feel the love, the energy the farm provides— literally the common good of the community,” Charlie says of why he so enjoys spending time working on the farm. All of Charlie’s hard work and positive energy goes into growing the delicious fruits and vegetables he receives as part of his CSA share, which he and his wife — a DC native — pick up every week. His wife is an excellent cook, and Charlie says he “cannot even decide which of the things she has cooked with CGCF produce is my favorite! It’s all so good.” Charlie keeps coming to Common Good City Farm because he loves “being part of something great, that sustains a good healthy atmosphere.” We love having you, Charlie! -- One of the most compelling elements of Common Good is the sense of community that is being fostered on the farm. At any given time one can see faces, young and old, from different backgrounds, gathered on the farm to lend a hand, attend a workshop, and engage in a lively conversation. We want to share some of these faces with you. Each week we will take a moment to learn a little bit more about our community members. We hope you will visit us and become one of our Faces of the Farm. Every Friday we will feature a new "face of the farm."