Faces of the Farm ~ Meet Tricia!

Our resident Herbalist Tricia, has been with Common Good City Farm almost since the beginning. The farm moved to its current location in the fall of 2009, and Tricia began working on the medicinal herb garden the following spring. If you enter the farm through the Park, you will see the beautiful herb garden that Tricia has designed— full of colorful and unique medicinal herbs. All of the herbs have wonderful health effects, from calming an upset stomach, to helping mend broken bones and scrapes! Tricia says her favorite herbs in the garden are the “mint varieties in the Herb spiral— they are so diverse, and you can do so much them!” Due to the popularity of our medicinal herbs, Tricia designed Common Good City Farm’s Herbal Apprenticeship Program, a season-long exploration into how to grow, tend, and utilize the natural medicines found right on the farm. She also teaches our Seed-to-TableHerbalism Workshops, which dive deeper into using herbs for specific maladies. “I love the opportunity to be in the sunshine with the plants,” Tricia says of her time at CGCF, “I love that when I’m working, someone always walks by with a question that I can hopefully answer.” Thank you for all you do, Tricia! -- One of the most compelling elements of Common Good is the sense of community that is being fostered on the farm. At any given time one can see faces, young and old, from different backgrounds, gathered on the farm to lend a hand, attend a workshop, and engage in a lively conversation. We want to share some of these faces with you. Each week we will take a moment to learn a little bit more about our community members. We hope you will visit us and become one of our Faces of the Farm. Every Friday we will feature a new "face of the farm."