Faces of the Farm ~ Meet Amelie!

For Amelie, the trip is a little farther than most who frequent Common Good City Farm: she travels all the way from Baltimore to attend the Herbal Apprentice Program (HAP), which meets monthly. Amelie found out about the program via the internet and jumped at the chance to attend as part of the scholarship opportunity. “I really enjoy the teacher, Tricia. It’s so much better to learn from a person than a book,” Amelia says about the HAP program. “It’s also wonderful that so many of the other apprentices come in with their own knowledge.” Amelie says she has already learned a lot since joining the program in March. “Tricia has taught us the concept that plants are trying to take over the world—they want to grow! So we shouldn’t be afraid to interact with them.” And she hopes to learn even more, especially things she can apply to her job as a doula (birthing assistant). “I really hope to learn more about Tarrow,” Amelie says, “and how it can be used for menstrual health.” Thanks for being part of the program, Amelie! -- One of the most compelling elements of Common Good is the sense of community that is being fostered on the farm. At any given time one can see faces, young and old, from different backgrounds, gathered on the farm to lend a hand, attend a workshop, and engage in a lively conversation. We want to share some of these faces with you. Each week we will take a moment to learn a little bit more about our community members. We hope you will visit us and become one of our Faces of the Farm. Every Friday we will feature a new "face of the farm."