Faces of the Farm ~ Meet Emily!

While much of her time is spent in the office rather than on the Farm, our Office Manager and Field Trip Coordinator Emily is vital to the successful operation of Common Good City Farm. “I first worked with Common Good as a field trip volunteer,” Emily says, “and then in early 2014 I started the Office Manager position.” Since then, Emily has worked primarily behind the scenes to make sure that everything runs smoothly. “I’m really interested in food justice, and I worked on a rural farm before moving to DC. I saw Common Good as a way to get involved with farming again, while still living in a city.” “My position means I do scheduling – a lot of scheduling!” she adds with a laugh, “I also answer emails from the community, and I coordinate and lead field trips in the spring and fall with local schools.” When students visit the farm for field trips, Emily leads them on an exploration of many wonderful things at CGCF; introducing them to how food grows and explaining the importance of our beehives and our compost. “I really enjoy spending time on the farm, showing the students what we can do and letting them experience what an urban farm can look like.” Thank you so much for all you do, Emily!