Faces of the Farm ~ Meet Avi!

Currently one of our dedicated LEAF volunteers, Avi has been a face of the farm for 4 years now! He first visited the farm as a drop-in volunteer. After learning about the opportunity to be a volunteer educator in our LEAF (Learning for Agriculture, Environment, and Food) after-school program, Avi (who used to be a camp counselor) committed to coming to Common Good City Farm on a weekly basis to help teach local kids about gardening, nutrition, and cooking. “I really like the mission,” Avi says of the farm, “I think it’s really important for people to be aware of healthy living and healthy foods.” Avi especially enjoys LEAF, which is free and open for all children, because he sees how important this knowledge can be from a young age. “I really enjoy seeing kids plant a seed and watching it grow week after week, and have accessible knowledge of where their food comes from. And it’s so neat that the kids can do it right here!” Avi is pictured with LEAF participant N'shai.