Face of the Farm: Meet Quinten

Quinten is the Chef at Big Bear Cafe, a neighborhood cafe in Bloomingdale. Quinten and Big Bear Cafe have been a big supporter of Common Good City Farm, especially through purchasing our produce such as our okra, cucumbers, and chard through our Small Enterprise program. When asked about his favorite way to prepare our produce, Quinten mentioned that he liked to keep things simple to bring out the flavor of the produce with dishes such as squash with garlic herbs or pickled okra. Quinten's interest in local food was sparked while working at a sustainable seafood restaurant in Austin. Quinten says, "Before, local sourcing was kind of an afterthought, but since it has become integral to my cooking." Quinten will be sponsoring a chef station at our upcoming Night on the Farm fundraiser on Thursday, October 1st. Register for the event and try some of Quinten's delicious creations made with our produce!