Face of the Farm: Meet Andrew!

Andrew Chiou is the Sous Chef at Table, a restaurant in the historic Shaw neighborhood that focuses on seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. He has been a strong supporter of Common Good through purchasing our produce including our okra, Swiss chard, patty pan squash, and lemon cucumbers. Andrew will also be highlighting some of our produce at our upcoming Night on the Farm event on Thursday, October 8th! Andrew's favorite way to use our produce is to highlight them in the chef tasting menus and their le jardiniere dish. For one chef tasting, Andrew prepared the okra in three different forms: pickled, fried, and steamed on a bed of riso beans with heirloom cherry tomatoes. Andrew prefers to cook the vegetables as little as possible in order to let their natural flavors and textures shine. When asked about how he first got interested in cooking, Andrew responded, "I learned how to cook out of necessity. Years ago, my friends and I went camping. We bought a bunch of food and then realized miles in to the woods, that none of us knew how to cook!" That would certainly be a strong motivation to learn! Thank you once again to Andrew and Table for your strong support of our urban farm!