Sign up for the 2016 Herbal Apprenticeship Program

Enhance your herbal knowledge and experience with herbalist Tricia McCauley at Common Good City Farm. Through a series of ten workshops over seven months, apprentices will gain hands-on experience while working with approximately fifty different herbs in the farm’s medicinal herb bed. Participants will follow the herbs as the change through the season learning how to plant, transplant, maintain, and harvest. This program is perfect for student herbalists in search of hands-on experience, gardeners wanting to deepen their understanding of herbs, and anyone who wants to connect to the seasons. Sign Up Here During this apprenticeship, you will: -- Understand the foundations of herbal medicine; -- Build relationships with 12 herbs and experience them as they change through the seasons; -- Gain hands-on gardening skills, including plant identification, mindful weeding, transplanting, harvesting, and organic pest management; (Note: participation in this program requires the ability to bend, kneel, and maneuver. The medicinal herb plots are not raised beds.) -- Learn to dry and store herbs, and create herbal preparations including teas, tinctures, and salves; -- Harvest a LOT of medicinal plants for home use; -- Connect, ask questions, and share photos between sessions on our private Shutterfly site, where resources for further learning will be provided; -- Get dirty and enjoy the sunshine. Most of our meetings happen outdoors on the farm, regardless of weather. Sign Up Here