In The Community

We haven't just been hibernating over the winter! Did you make it to Rooting DC? Common Good did, teaching workshops and speaking on panels. And when Alice Waters was in town, we were sure to say hello! Meanwhile, we joined many other friends in the community with activities at the National Portrait Gallery's family day celebrating her new portrait!

Common Good has been teaching workshops on gardening and farming through SHIRE (Summit Health Institute for Research and Education) at Mayfair Mansions and People's Coop in Northeast and Southeast DC. At a recent pest management workshop, participants were all ears, taking notes on how to grow the most produce in raised bed plots built last season. They brought their own pest experiences to the table—did you know that a good remedy for slug infestation is a little apple cider vinegar and water?

Have you met our new staff? We are excited to introduce Anita Adalja and Judea Lawton, both coming on this year! Anita is our Urban Grower, and comes to us from the Center for Agroecology in Santa Cruz after New York City rooftop gardening. Judea, also a New Yorker, was part of Green Tomorrows 2011, and now works as a farm coordinator. Come by the farm and say hello!