Meet Krista


If you’ve stopped by our farm stand or visited our farm, you might already recognize her. This is Krista’s first year as a city farmer and she’s already become an integral part of our operation here at Common Good.

As a City Farmer, she elected to regularly help distribute Produce Plus checks every Wednesday at our joint market with Arcadia Mobile Market. But she didn’t want to miss out on getting in some farm work time, so she comes in for extra hours every Monday as well to help us out on the farm! She wanted to “see both ends of the process,” so now she gets to grow food and help distribute that food to our community.

Originally from Texas, Krista moved to DC in 1975 for law school. After years of working in office, she jumped at the chance to “play in the dirt” when she retired last year. As a child, she played in her grandma’s backyard – a garden so big it could feed a whole family. She missed the greenspace of her youth and found Common Good to be a perfect place to clear her mind in the city.

So far, she’s loved her experience as a City Farmer. Krista’s been learning from RonDell, our farm manager, things she uses in her own garden and has been impressed with “the variety of people who volunteer,” with us. Thanks for all you do, Krista!