Join us to make Ginger Beer on Thurs, July 12


Join us to make Ginger Beer on Thurs, July 12!

Intro to Fermentation: Ginger Beer Thursday, July 12, 6 - 8 pm Soda season is upon us! Nothing beats the heat like the sweet fizz of an ice-cold soda pop. But who wants all that sugar? All those chemicals? All that...what is phosphoric acid, anyway? Rachel Armistead, co-founder of The Sweet Farm and avid soda lover, teaches you how to make your own lightly fermented ginger beer (and other sodas) with less sugar, natural ingredients and seasonal flavorings. Attendees will leave with a how-to guide, a handmade ginger bug (wild soda culture), and recipe ideas for a summertime's worth of sweet, delicious fizz! Rachel Armistead is co-owner of The Sweet Farm, a fermented foods company in Frederick, Maryland, that sells a variety of naturally fermented, probiotic krauts, pickles, mustard and ginger beer. She also loves teaching people how to make fermented veggies and sodas at home for themselves. Through product sales and workshops, Rachel hopes to once again make fermentation part of our common food culture.