Cacao Bite Making from Bean to Bar


Learn how to make chocolates from single origin direct trade cocoa beans! Participants will be able to experience a complete Bean to Bar process of chocolate making including trying the roasted cocoa beans, cracking and winnowing the beans, grinding the beans, tempering the chocolate, and pouring the chocolate into molds.

Each class will discuss the history of cacao, beneficial properties of cacao, and then practice making the chocolates. Each participant will get to make and take home their own molded chocolate. Pre-packaged cacao bites will also be ready for sale. They make a great holiday gift!

Thursday, December 13, 6:30 - 8:30 pm Cacao Bite Making from Bean to Bar

About the Instructor Christina Kim is the founder of Secret Cacao Garden. She is a Chocolate Alchemist tinkering with the purest Theobroma Cacao ‘food of the Gods’ + locally sourced healing plants.