Getting Ready for Spring


As typically happens by the time March rolls around, we are definitely getting tired of folks asking us what we do all winter, or saying things like “you must be relaxing at this time of year”. Much like how teachers still work in the summer, we still work in the winter. So, what’s going on while it’s too cold/wet/icy to be outside?

Farm Planning: Margaret is hard at work doing all the farm planning for 2019. So far, she’s planned our crops through about June, and is working on the mid-summer and fall crops. It’s looks something like the crop plan above. The blue represents when these crops are available for harvest. Since we have a high tunnel now, we are able to start some crops early and harvest them in March. We’ve put in the first of two sets of seed orders from Johnny’s and High Mowing, and also received seed donations from High Mowing and Baker Creek. We’ve also been in high gear planning our Community Events for the year.

This year, we’re adding some extra ones, starting with The Ark Of Taste: Fish Pepper event on March 30th. We’re psyched about this event that features hot sauce tasting and a discussion of the history of this unique pepper. Our partners from Soilful City and Slow Food DC are really awesome! We’re putting together a great selection of workshops from some amazing instructors, starting with our Home Apothecary Program in April. Other topics will include food preservation, chocolate making, and beekeeping.

Do you have a request or want to teach a workshop with us? Email Josephine at Josephine at commongoodcityfarm . org

Youth Programs are being planned, and curriculum developed for LEAF and Little Farmers, and we’re reaching out to teachers about field trips. If you know teacher (or a student!) please pass the opportunity along.

So, you see, winter isn’t so slow after all! It’s just that most of it happens indoors. You might not see us at the farm much, but plenty of things are happening to make sure we get the most out of the warm season.