Interview with Smoke and Barrel Executive Chef, Logan McGear

Logan is a young, Executive Chef at Smoke and Barrel in Adams Morgan. He grew up in Hot Springs, Arkansas where he found his love for food during his first experience eating truffles. He said, "the first time I tasted a truffle, I knew what my future would be like." He developed his culinary skills at a French/Asian fusion restaurant in Little Rock and before coming to DC, lived in Kansas where he helped start an Italian restaurant. He migrated up north earlier this year, when he moved to Baltimore to work with his brother. Soon after his arrival in Baltimore, Logan was hired as Executive Chef for Smoke and Barrel. Ironically, he had never worked in BBQ until coming to DC. He found a new interest in experimenting with the BBQ smoker; he says you can smoke anything. His favorite smoked food is the peach. Logan will be representing Smoke and Barrel as he prepares tastings for the Taste of Common Good but this will not be his first time on the farm. His first experience with Common Good was this past summer when he worked with the summer youth program to make a Friday community lunch. He was impressed by the youth and how intelligent they were about farming. When he was approached about Taste of Common Good, he said he was excited to work with us yet again. Although he works with BBQ every day, he is excited to let his creativity run loose at the 5th year anniversary event. Using the veggies from the farm, he will create dishes that he feels best utilizes what’s in season.