Eat and Drink For a Good Cause

Common Good City Farm is one of the first beneficiaries of Cause, the philanthropub. Located on 9th and U Street NW, Cause is a novel restaurant where all of the profits are donated to DC charities, after basic costs are paid. Common Good City Farm is fortunate to be one of four charities selected by Cause for its first quarter. We believe Cause is a pioneer in the restaurant business, and we are excited to be involved with such an innovative concept. Cause was founded by Raj Ratwani and Nick Vilelle. The restaurant is decorated with recycled materials including stools made from old apple barrels, and a wall in the main dining room is a mosaic of glass bottles. The menu features new-age American cuisine, including our favorite entrée, the Quentil Burger, featuring quinoa, lentils, cucumber, mint, greek yogurt, feta and harissa spread. And while there is a fixed menu, each day there will be 10 specials so that chefs can feature local foods. Common Good City Farm is currently one of the charities that benefits from Cause, so we encourage you to try it out soon! In addition, stay connected to our Facebook and Twitter profiles to find out about the upcoming happy hours at Cause that we will be planning.