Green Tomorrows Concludes a Successful Season

To celebrate another successful Green Tomorrows season, Common Good City Farm hosted its first end-of-season potluck with delicious meals prepared by participants and food donations by Oyamel restaurant. We spent an afternoon listening to jazz that was DJ’ed by one participant's husband. We were delighted to listen to Mr. Booker and Mr. Charles, whose families are five-generation Washingtonians. We enjoyed hearing their stories about the progression of events in the LeDroit Park community. This year, Green Tomorrows had 45 participants who volunteered on the farm and attended workshops throughout the season. The farm donated 3,500 pounds of produce to participants. Participants have learned about herbal remedies, the importance of composting, and navigating through grocery stores to find healthy meals for their families. Many participants also attended our popoular canning workshops, so they can preserve all of the summer goodies they have grown this season. As part of the Green Tomorrows program, the garden beds at Kelly Miller, housing that is adjacent to the farm, have been planted with winter vegetables like kale, collard greens and chard. Participant Ms. Sandra Green tells us that she has had a delightful season taking care of her plot at Kelly Miller.